How To Change A Flat Tire

Park your vehicle such that will make changing the level as protected as could be allowed. You should make yourself as noticeable as conceivable to traffic going by so switch on four signals, put on the crisis vest and position a notice triangle.

Ensure the vehicle is left on a level, strong surface.

Prepare all that you will require alongside the wheel to be changed. This incorporates the jack (alongside its handle), a wrench (which may serve as the jack’s handle) and the extra wheel. In certain autos, you’ll likewise discover working gloves which may help with grasp and keeping hands clean.

Spot the jack in the spot expected for it or in a recognize that can bolster the heaviness of the vehicle. Such a spot will be some place simply under the side of the vehicle which should be lifted, it ought to be either in the center or closer to the punctured tire.

Before lifting the vehicle fix the nuts (by turning against clockwise) about a large portion of a turn. You may need to venture on the wrench so as to open each nut. A center point top may should be evacuated so as to uncover the nuts.

Utilize the jack to lift the vehicle until the punctured tire is at any rate three-five creeps of the ground. Ensure the vehicle does not slip sideways when being lifted, if this happens it might tumble off the jack!

Fix the nuts, evacuate the punctured tire and supplant it with the extra. Re-try the nuts (beginning with one of the main ones, at that point one inverse and underneath it, at that point the other one on top etc.).- Lower the vehicle and lock all nuts safely. Venture on the wrench on the off chance that you feel this is essential. try to do each nut a few times, you may discover you can turn a nut you thought was secured the extent that it will follow you do different nuts.