Motorcycle Preparation For Summer

Time to tidy off your bicycle for some mid year riding! Before you hit the street, there a couple of things you ought to do to set up your bike for the hot season.

Time to residue of your bicycle for summer riding! Before you hit the street, there a couple of things you ought to do to set up your bike for the hot season. Look at these tips from Piedmont Towing!


In the event that your vehicle has been away in a remote area, you’ll need a tow truck to get it back to you. You’ll need to discover a towing organization that offers flatbed towing. This is the most secure approach to ship your bicycle. Evacuate any defensive covers and ensure the towing organization utilizes the best possible ties to verify your bike.


Before you fire up your motor, you’ll need to play out a little support to ensure your bicycle is prepared to ride. In the first place, investigate your fuel framework. Supplant the fuel channel and analyze the fuel tank, fuel lines and fittings for breaks and holes. In the event that you utilized fuel stabilizer, your fuel ought to be fit as a fiddle. Ensure by opening the filler top and searching inside for gunk or stratification. On the off chance that the fuel is predictable and clean, you can proceed onward. If not, you should deplete the tank and fuel lines before running the motor.


Most bike producers suggest an oil change when putting away your vehicle. During stockpiling, the oil can isolate, causing a buildup develop that may hurt your motor. Regardless of whether you changed your motor oil before capacity, despite everything you’ll need to check the oil level before riding.

Check the Fluids.

Check the liquid hose associations for detachment or indications of spillage. Check for breaks in all hoses and supplant as required. Check the levels and consistency of the entirety of the liquids. Change any liquid that looks suspicious and top off any that need topping off. Flush and supplant the old liquid catalyst with the best possible coolant. You likewise ought to supplant the air channel.

Charge the Battery.

On the off chance that you expelled the battery for capacity and kept it charged, clean the links and terminals with a wire brush, at that point oil and reconnect. In the event that you kept your battery stream energized or snared to a delicate, it will most likely fit as a fiddle. Check the leads for consumption and ensure they’re joined cozily. Contingent upon your battery, you may need to fill the cells with refined water. Be certain the vent tube is associated and appropriately steered.

Check the Brakes.

Check and fill the brake liquid level, and supplant it if it’s grimy. Look at the brake lines for splits and holes. Examine the brake cushions and circles for wear. On the off chance that they’re dainty, you might need to get new ones. Altogether perfect the brake rotors with brake more clean. Grease up the front-brake hand switch and throttle links.

Test the Electrical System

Check your hardware, switches, lights, and measures for appropriate activity. Test your standard and high-bar headlamps, and front and back blinkers. Test your back brake light and guarantee it illuminates when you connect with the brakes. Test the horn to guarantee it’s working. In case you’re uncertain in case you’re cruiser is fit to take off, you should it towed to an expert auto shop. Piedmont Towing offers flatbed towing to securely move your bicycle. Reach us with any inquiries concerning this procedure.