Easy To Use Snow Chain Alternatives

Putting on and taking off snow chains has dependably been an irritating, tedious issue for truckers – particularly here in the Midwest when it very well may snow and blizzarding one hour and radiant the following! Putting on chains is a chilly, slushy, sloppy occupation, yet there are a couple of choices you should think about!

1. AutoSock

You may have seen these made reference to in one of our past online journals, yet we can’t quit discussing them due to how incredible they are! Autosock is a material tire cover, and they’re an incredible alternative for expanding your footing and hold on frosty and frigid streets. The thin fit and smooth plan is a hell of significantly calmer than snow chains, they’re anything but difficult to put on and take off, and they’re much more successful than snow tires in a few conditions. This is on the grounds that the intense as-nails texture covers the full tread of the tire.


We offer AutoSocks to our K&J organization drivers, and our proprietor administrators can get them at a decreased rate. We even had one of our drivers make a video indicating exactly that it is so natural to introduce AutoSocks. We can’t get over how simple these are to utilize! They store in little, level bundles that you can without much of a stretch store away when not required; and they perform well out and about!

2. Flex-Trax SnoClaws

SnoClaws by Flex-Trax are made of urethane elastic that folds over your tire with plastic ratchet ties. One of their advantages is that you can introduce them without moving your apparatus! Like AutoSocks they are substantially lighter than snow chains, and they’re by and large less demanding to put on the haggle off, sparing you time and vitality.


Be that as it may, how would they perform? All things considered, if their site is to be trusted, they are a trucker top pick! The innovator of SnoClaws says the greatest contrast comes from the way that they cover 50-60% a greater amount of the tire than chains or links, permitting more noteworthy surface territory for footing. These accompany a multi year guarantee and you can ask for new parts for nothing amid that time. Truckers in discussions are apparently getting 6-8 years out of these, essentially in light of the fact that there are no metal parts to rust.

3. TruckClaws

This is more in the “crisis utilize” classification. In case you’re stuck in the snow, ice, or tricky mud and need to get out rapidly, TruckClaws are an incredible asset to have on your truck. The TruckClaw is a metal projection with a strengthened tie and hard core tighten that you can put around tires when you have to escape a tight place. Fortunately each hook just takes about a moment to introduce so it is anything but difficult to put a couple on and escape a tight place. You can even introduce these ridiculous of other footing gadgets for a touch of additional assistance in a crisis.


While they won’t totally supplant snow chains, TruckClaws are extraordinary to have around on the off chance that you just utilize your chains to escape extreme spots, as opposed to for regular winter driving. They are exceptionally moderate and keep going quite a while with appropriate utilize.

Driving in the winter can be a problem, yet it is in every case better in the event that you are arranged and know your alternatives. Regardless of what choice you decide for your apparatus, make sure to peruse every one of the directions and item data painstakingly with the goal that you can expand your item’s life. Remain safe out there!